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The AV Wireless Input Module allows the on/off status of an external device to be transmitted to the control panel via an AV wireless translator module. Each module is tended to interface between a control panel and normally open contact devices.

The connection between the module and the external device is supervised with the aid of an end of line resistor.

Communication between the SGMI100 and the VW2W100 module is wireless, via ‘Sagittarius’ bidirectional protocol.

The radio communication meets the European Standard EN54-25 running at 434 Mhz to meet Australian requirements.


Communication range with the VW2W100 or SGWE100 

50m in open space 

Operating frequency 


Modulation type 


Operating frequency channels 

Radiated power 

5dBm (3mW) Typical 

Transmission message period 

60 seconds default 

Main battery 

Type CR123A 5 years typical 

Secondary battery 

Type CR2032A 2 month typical 


109mm x 37mm 


30g without batteries 

Operating temperature range 

From -30°C to +55°

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SGMI100: Wireless Input Module