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The Axis Wireless Voice Annunciator is a programmable output device reproducing voice messages which can be operated by the control panel using its highly flexible and powerful cause and effect programming capabilities

The activation command is sent from the control panel to the voice annunciator through the Axis wireless translator module.

Up to 3 voice messages can be recorded and stored in to the Wireless Voice Annunciator using a dedicated PC application and connecting to the unit through a serial cable. Each message can have a maximum duration of 32 seconds. The control panel software provides the option of selecting from the 3 different voice messages.

Bi-directional communications with the wireless translator is based on a proven protocol and wireless technology and is fast, reliable and provides the highest level of security.

The wireless communications operates on the Australian recommended frequency of 434MHz and conforms to AS 4428 Part 9.


* Ideal operating range: may vary consistently according to environmental conditions.
** When a low battery condition is indicated, both, main and secondary, batteries must be changed altogether.
*** These lifespan values refer to the device being programmed with a control signals transmission period of 12 seconds. If the 20- SGVA100-ADV is activated for 30 seconds a week for test, the primary battery’s lifespan reduces to 3 years.

Key Features

  • Up to 3 voice messages
  • Bi-directional communication protocol between all wireless devices
  • Rapid, cost effective installation with minimal disturbance
  • Fully Intelligent devices
  • Up to 16 wireless Annunciator devices allowed with each translator
  • Fully Monitored Primary and Secondary Power Source

Operating frequency range 


Max radiated power 


Radio signal’s modulation type 


Operating frequency channels 

Communication range with VW2W100-ADV 

Or SGWE100-ADV* 

50m in open space 

Main battery type 

CR123A (3V&1.2Ah) 

Secondary battery type 

CR123A (3V&1.2Ah) 

Main battery lifespan 


Secondary battery lifespan 


Temperature range 


Tolerated humidity range (non condensing) 

From 5%RHTO95%RH 

Dimensions (HxD) 


Weight (without batteries) 


Order Codes and Options

20F-SGVA100-ADV: Wireless Voice Annunciator