How Fusion Advanced benefits Contractors

  • Technology to reduce installation time and materials
  • An extensive price competitive range, which enables you to purchase the features you need
  • Tailor made and off the shelf panel
  • Wireless detection for difficult installations
  • Everything from 1 loop simple systems to 100 panel networked systems with graphics, 1668 fan controls, occupant warning systems/EWIS and extinguishing system control equipment.
  • A full range of accessories
  • Design support, unique installation diagnostic tools, programming assistance & training

All of our people have many years of experience in the fire industry. We have been installers ourselves and fully understand what is needed from a product and a supplier. Although Australia has prescriptive standards and designs largely follow design criteria laid out in AS1670 etc. often experience is needed to overcome challenging operating circumstances and code compliance issues. The standards don’t always have the answers, but when you match your experience with ours and the capability of our product, we’ll find the answer.

Our aim is to work with the contractor to get it right first time, save installation costs, improve reliability, prevent unnecessary alarms and provide better quality products and service. If you are unsure of where the standards are heading and just what is required to make a system compliant, don’t worry; we sit on the standards committee for fire detection and warning systems FP002, so we can help and we know the facts.

Our products are installed all over the world and meet the highest of standards worldwide and of course Australia. All of our products are approved to the latest standards called for in the BCA and they are certified under internationally recognised quality assurance scheme ISO9001. They have proven reliability and employ the very latest technology to enhance system performance and reduce costs. Our products are also all non proprietary.

We’ll save you money and improve system performance. That is what the latest technology and good service delivers.