How Fusion Advanced benefits the Consultant

  • AS9001 & AS7240 Approvals by SAI Global and fully AS1670 compliant
  • Technology that offers greater design flexibility and reliability
  • Cost saving system architectures that reduce installation time and material
  • We sit on the Standards Australia FP002 Committee for fire detection and warning systems, so we can keep you up to date with changing regulations and compliance
  • A standard range of architecturally finished detectors and special finishes to order
  • Fully featured wire to wireless devices for difficult or sensitive installations
  • Design support and advice

The Fusion Advanced difference is not purely down to product. Our wealth of experience and knowledge of system design, standards compliance, competitors’ products and the support a contractor needs gives us the edge. In fact most of our employees have in excess of 25 years of experience in the fire industry and in some cases 35+. We have been involved in every stage of a fire detection and evacuation systems implementation, so it is fair to say that we have pretty much seen it all!

At Fusion Advanced we pride ourselves in being able to support a systems implementation from concept through to maintenance; we are only a phone call away from advice and support.

The products that we supply to the Australian market not only meet our local requirements, but also meet the EN54 requirements of Europe, UL requirements of the Americas and are strictly quality controlled to ISO9001.

Please click on the products tab for details of our full range, however in brief, here is what we offer:

  • Fire panels from 1 to 100 loops (240+ devices per loop)
  • A full range of fire and smoke detection products
  • A super powerful network that provides synchronised responses and 3 second (max.) AS1668 Fan control responses across the network
  • We have an impressive of range of wireless devices and specialist architectural finishes.
  • We also offer multiple graphics solutions, mimics, repeaters and Bacnet BMS interfaces
  • A full range of occupant warning and EWIS solutions