How we can benefit you, The Maintenance/End User.

  • We are contractor independent
  • All of our products are non proprietary
  • Open protocol on all detection products
  • Any professional fire company can maintain and make additions to a Fusion Advanced system
  • We offer independent advice and training
  • We offer a 3 year warranty on all fire detection products
  • Our systems have been designed for simplicity of use

Our experience has shown that building operators and users prefer to have freedom of choice when it comes to the maintenance of their fire detection system. From the maintenance company’s perspective, they also want a system that they can easily maintain, which also provides them with good diagnostic tools and features to easily remedy problems. Most importantly however, it is the systems reliability which ultimately ensures peace of mind and confidence, not only in the product, but in the maintenance company itself. Realistically, people don’t want to hear from the fire system unless there is a genuine problem.

The systems supplied by Fusion Advanced offer the very latest in technology to deliver the following:

  • Reduced nuisance alarms and fast detection of genuine fire conditions delivered by:
    • A unique detector design that maximises air flow and reduces contamination
    • Environment compensation
    • Unique digital communication protocol
    • Joint detector and control panel decision making
  • Flexibility in system design:
    • Robust communications over long cable lengths
    • A huge ‘Peer to Peer’ network capability with a 3 second synchronised response anywhere on the system
    • Broad range of devices to suit specific applications
    • Wireless options for difficult to get to risks
    • Customised detector designs to minimise visual impact
  • Capacity to expand
    • Large device capacity per loop (240+)
    • From single to 99 loop systems
    • Large range of mimics and repeater panels
    • Graphics options
    • Extensive product range
  • Maximum continued operation
    • When cable faults occur, Short Circuit Isolators per device (if required) ensure that a single cable fault does not effect the operation of the system
    • Cable faults are contained between only those devices where the cable faults occur
    • Our fault tolerant network ensures continued communication bi-directionally
  • Historical data for proof of maintenance
    • Each device carries critical data independently from the panel such as, the date of the last test or alarm, its contamination level, date of manufacture, address and software version
    • The panel also has an extensive history log and inbuilt panel printer options are also available

Buildings are never frozen in time and therefore the fire system has to be able to cope with many changes in building use and design over its life. Our range of products is extensive and the technology incorporated will stand the test of time. That is why we back our fire detection products with a 3 year warranty. For your peace of mind are also able to state that not only do our products have the highest standards of approvals for Australia, but our products also carry extensive international product approvals from the Underwriters laboratories of the USA, Loss Prevention Council Board and British Standards Board approvals from the UK and Vds approval from Germany. Over 10,000 panels are produced annually and the products have been in production for over 10 years.